Landscape Lighting

Alabama weather, especially spring and summer, calls millions to entertain outdoors after the sun goes down. As more and more families look to their backyards as a refuge from the Alabama heat, they realize that providing proper lighting is a must in order to be safe, provide security, and enhance the value of their home.

If you have spent considerable time on your landscape design, it’s only natural to take the next step and install an outdoor lighting system that will illuminate all the features of your front and back yard. If your lawn is a lush green, your flowers blooming, and shrubs manicured, the lighting system you envision should bring your landscape from darkness to light the minute the sun goes down.

We use all the latest technology and innovations, plus years of experience to create and design outdoor lighting systems that enhance those special features for every home and business we work with.

Landscape lighting design offers so many advantages to your home that you can’t help but to give us a call to provide you with a demonstration and quote for an outdoor lighting system that fits your budget.

Outdoor Lighting Features and Benefits

  • Lighting that increases your family safety
  • LED lighting to keep energy costs down
  • Entertaining outdoors many hours after the sun goes down
  • Highlighting gardens, shrubs, walkways, and exterior features of your home
  • Illuminating children’s play areas and outdoor kitchens or barbecues

Landscape Lighting Products

At Summit Irrigation and Lighting, we use only the best top-quality landscape lighting products for our customers. We offer LED lighting to keep energy costs down. Our discerning customers want products that will last a long time, have a great warranty and save money. We don’t sacrifice quality and we stand behind every product we install so you can be sure you’re getting the best.

Existing Outdoor Lighting Systems

If you have an outdated lighting system and need it upgraded, we can handle all of the design and installation for whatever your needs. If you have an existing system that needs repaired or maintained, Summmit Irrigation and Lighting offers repair and maintenance services to keep your lighting up and running smoothly.

When you work with Summit Irrigation and Lighting you will quickly find that our company is the best choice for complete landscape lighting design, lighting products, installation, repair and service. Our customers rave about us and you will too when you experience the service and expertise that we offer.

Call us today to start on your new lighting project. We look forward to helping turn your dark night into an illuminating celebration.